Effective Life Coaching in Orange County


Have you been searching for effective ways to resolve your problems?  I believe that we are all in need of someone we can turn to for help and solutions during the difficult times in our lives. We all have experienced them, but unfortunately most of us have not had the life changing opportunity to meet someone who can truly help us with real workable solutions as well as guide us through our questions and confusions.

I have been counseling others for many years. I enjoy helping others and enjoy what I do. Life coaching is counseling directed toward improving any area of life you need help with.

Friendly, caring and effective counseling

I have studied and practiced extensively as a counselor for over a decade. I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people on a one-on-one basis. I work with individuals, couples, children and teens. Although many people are successful at handling their own problems, there is nothing wrong with seeking out support when it is needed. I am not a psychologist and do not believe that people should just learn to accept or cope with bad conditions in life. Life coaching is about real solutions for improving life and creating it how you want it to be.

The ultimate goal: observable positive change

We have all seen too many families and couples become upset and distraught over problems in life. There are answers and help does exist. While there is no short-cut or necessarily an easy route, there are methods and techniques that actually work. You can benefit from my knowledge, experience and my compassion for people.

My goal with our coaching and counseling programs is the restoration of your self-confidence in the many facets of life!  With my guidance you will be able to address your problems with certainty and thus improve situations. I am certain  that we are all far more capable than we let ourselves demonstrate. Let me assist you so you can reach your full potential.

Abundance of solutions

I offer counseling to address the following areas:

Marriage and Relationship problems
Parenting and Family issues
Help for Children & Teens
Grief and Loss
Work and Career issues
Stress Management
Conflict Resolution
Depression and Anxiety

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